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Planning Process

“Pursuing financial independence is an ongoing process. Our initial meeting with you is only the beginning of a personalized strategy that will be consistently monitored, assessed and adjusted over time to ensure your changing needs are met.”
- David Swanson, Principal

Our Comprehensive 4-Step Planning Process

Wealth Accumulation │ Wealth Preservation │ Wealth Transfer

At Round Hill Wealth Management, we are dedicated to helping you preserve and grow your assets, prepare for retirement and other financial milestones, and develop a legacy that benefits your loved ones and future generations. As your financial partner, we listen and respond to your needs using clear, simple language. We offer personal service, and pledge to lead you with great care along the path to pursuing all of your financial goals and dreams.  And of course, our process will be adapted for the Real World by focusing less on theory and more on reality.

Our planning approach is straight forward, utilizing our four-step process:

STEP 1 - Planning:

We seek to uncover all of your objectives in as much detail as possible—helping you to identify needs and goals, while collecting and analyzing your financial data.

STEP 2 – Wealth Accumulation:

We construct sophisticated yet understandable strategies for the creation and protection of wealth, as required to meet each specific objective.

STEP 3 – Wealth Preservation:

We create tailored cash flow solutions to help address current and future income needs throughout your lifetime.

STEP 4 – Wealth Transfer:

We discuss and implement strategies that allow for the efficient transfer of wealth in a manner that seeks to maximize the benefits for both you and your heirs, while minimizing tax implications where possible.*

*Tax services are not offered by LPL Financial or Round Hill Wealth Management.