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Financial Advice

for the REAL WORLD™

Our mission is to take traditional strategies and adapt them to the Real World. This is accomplished by recognizing the limitations of “financial theory”, and adjusting analyses accordingly. We ignore “investment generalizations”, and focus instead on each client individually. While acutely aware of the past, we focus more on present-day conditions while looking forward to what it may mean for the future. And we are always asking the question “What if?”

Our services include, amongst others:

  • Financial Planning for the Real World
    • Retirement Planning
    • Planning for Education Costs
    • Insurance Needs Analysis
    • Estate Planning Strategies
  • Investment Management for the Real World
    • Construction, Implementation and Monitoring of Investment Strategy
    • Construction, Implementation and Monitoring of Tactical Asset Allocation Strategies
    • Tax Minimization Strategies
  • Risk Management for the Real World
    • Portfolio Risk Analysis / Solutions
    • Risk Tolerance Analysis
    • Life Insurance Analysis / Solutions
    • Long-term Care Insurance Analysis / Solutions

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*No plan or strategy assures success or protects against loss