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Our First "Blog"!

| June 10, 2014

Pop the champagne, our first blog entry! Not sure if it is actually referred to as a “blog entry” - in fact until about a month ago, I thought a blog was the name of an old horror movie. Who knew that there were places on the internet where you could spout off about anything your heart desires, without even having to get published. (To answer my own question, apparently anyone who has ever tweeted, facebooked, etc. has known for about a decade…..)

So our team at Round Hill decided to finally join the modern world - you can now find us on Twitter (@RoundHillWealth), Facebook (Round Hill Wealth Management), and LinkedIn (Douglas Brymer / David L. Swanson). And as the entire process was described to us (which I am not sure that we completely understand still), the blogging part of it was most appealing. It seems rather difficult to say anything of relevance in 140 characters or less – especially when 120 of those characters are apparently allocated to “hashtagging”. But the blog can be as long or short as we want, and then we can tweet “check out my blog” with the obligatory 20 hashtags. Just like that we’ve rambled on to, well…..4 people as of this writing according to Twitter. Even better, the blog protects me against myself in the form of LPL Financial compliance review. For those that don’t know me, I am rather opinionated to say the least – and rarely shy about expressing those opinions. With a compliance team reviewing each blog before being published, how much trouble can I possibly get into…..right?

 If you are still reading this, you are probably asking yourself why. The point of this particular rant is twofold. First, as a test to see if this thing actually shows up on our website. Assuming that works, the more important objective is to describe why we are using this wonderful electronic forum in the first place. Our goal is to combine facts with opinion, and hopefully do so in an entertaining manner. At this point I might as well throw in my 1st strong opinion – that we have become a society afraid of expressing opinion. In the process, common sense is often ignored and replaced with political correctness – we no longer think for ourselves. This petrifies me. It is my hope that our rants here will lead to good old fashioned discussions – on Twitter, at our next meeting, in your office…..or maybe on Fox Business? (just saying….#FoxBusiness #TeamCavuto) The focus of our rants will center around the world in which we live – financial planning and investments. I doubt that anyone taking the time to visit our site is looking for discussion of what Justin Bieber had for breakfast. At the same time, we hope to be able to incorporate other topical discussions, especially when they relate in some way to money and investing. And we would LOVE to hear from those reading these rants – your thoughts, opinions, or ideas for other discussions – so please feel free to call, e-mail, or tweet!

As always, to all of our existing clients, we thank you for your continued trust and confidence in Round Hill Wealth Management.

Thanks for listening,